Tuition for your group

Group mount cutting, displaying textiles and leather journal workshops are a fun, interesting and useful way for a group of friends/colleagues to learn in a private setting, whether that’s a kitchen, in a meeting hall or my workspace in Chichester.

Introduction to Mount Cutting (Beginners)

Great for beginners, for those wanting to refresh their mount cutting skills or just spend an enjoyable day cutting mounts in like-minded company.  Suitable for painters, crafters, photographers, calligraphers, textile artists, in fact anyone wanting to make their pictures or textiles look their best. For more details on the course please click here.

Mount Cutting for 3D Work and Textiles (Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced)

This workshop can include mount cutting for displaying textiles for 3D work OR  it can focus solely on displaying textiles without cutting mounts. It is for anyone who wants to frame 3D work, from scrabble letters to cross stitch, buttons to padded hearts.  Please discuss with me what you want to achieve and we can design the workshop around your needs.   It could include:

  • Learning to cut box mounts to allow for 3D presentation.
  • Exploring several techniques for supporting and displaying 3D items without damaging them.
  • Using the correct materials.
  • Discovering how to calculate and cut multi-aperture mounts.
  • Introducing depth and shadow into the frame.

Float Mounting (Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced)

Master the art of displaying pictures as though they are ‘floating’ in the frame. You don’t use a mount cutter for this course,  it’s suitable for everyone.  For more details on the course please click here.

What’s the price for a workshop?

At my workshop in Chichester I charge £196 for the day for two people and £216 for three people, the price is for the session, not the individual.  It’s the same price whether it’s for a mount cutting,  displaying textiles or a leather journal workshop.  Workshops away from Chichester are for a maximum of 6 people, please get in touch to talk over your ideas and for a quote.  I am very happy to travel in the south east and beyond.

What’s included?

All materials provided.  For mount cutting workshops that includes two sheets of conservation quality off-white mount board each, illustrated handouts, cellophane for wrapping paintings, foamboard for spacing, flexi driver for holding-in the back of frames and all the specialist (or ordinary) tools and tapes you might need.  For leather journal workshops that includes leather for the two journals, good quality cartridge paper and illustrated handouts.   Textile workshops include threads, neutral background cloths, mountboard and foamboard. If the tuition is in my workshop in Chichester there will be plenty of tea/coffee and homemade cake.

What should I bring?

Please bring several pictures or textiles for the mount cutting and displaying textile workshops.  You don’t need to bring anything for the leather journal workshops.

Where’s the venue?

My workshop in Chichester OR your kitchen table OR another agreed venue.  I can supply some tables.


Individual Tuition and Exhibition Preparation

Perfect for every level, from complete beginner to someone preparing for an exhibition, you set the agenda.

  • Prepare work for an exhibition
  • Learn to cut single bespoke mounts or take your skills in mount cutting up a level
  • Display textiles
  • Discover new ways to present your work
  • If you’re struggling with a mount cutter or perhaps it’s still in the packaging – bring it along
  • Clear a backlog of pictures/photos/textiles/calligraphy – get them out of the drawers and onto the wall

Bring several pictures and enjoy one-to-one tuition learning to cut accurate bespoke mounts, bring any existing frames to recycle.   You set the agenda – so you can learn to cut single mounts, box mounts for 3D work, how to cope with textiles or look at good conservation practise – the choice is yours.  If you have a lot of pictures/ textiles then once you are comfortably cutting your own mounts I can also cut mounts and put work into frames alongside you.

What’s the price for Individual tuition?

At my workshop in Chichester I charge £35 an hour (minimum of 3 hrs for £105) or £175 for 6 hours (6 hrs for the price of 5).

I am happy to travel to you for a minimum of 5 hours tuition (£175), plus 40 pence a mile.  When travelling over about 30 miles from Chichester I also charge expenses.  Please contact me for a quote.  Payment can be made by cheque, BACS or PayPal.

What’s included?

All materials provided, see above for details.    If the tuition is in my workshop in Chichester there will be  a light lunch plus plenty of tea/coffee and homemade cake.

What should I bring?

Please bring several pictures / textiles.  If you have any frames or are struggling with a mount cutter please bring them too.

Where’s the venue?

My workshop in Chichester OR your kitchen table OR another agreed venue.